Consortium Partners

Romanian Association of Contemporary Art (ARAC) is a non-profit organization founded in June 2012, in order to produce and promote contemporary art in Romania and abroad. The team of ARAC supports and promotes contemporary Romanian artists by attracting funds in order to ensure financial resources – as part of ARAC’s mission statement. An important objective of ARAC is to facilitate international cultural exchanges with artistic environments from around the world. Through the years, ARAC has organised residency programs (58 Plantelor Residency), exhibitions and published art books while actively investigating and reflecting upon emerging developments in contemporary art and culture.

Address: 26 Popa Soare, 023983, Bucharest, sector 2, Romania

Croatian Association of Fine Artists /HRVATSKO DRUŠTVO LIKOVNIH UMJETNIKA (HDLR) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit, and politically neutral union of professionals. Its membership consists exclusively of visual artists of all generations, working in all forms of expression and disciplines. The Association was established in 1868 and has been continuously active since then, though under different names. The basic aims of the Association are: to support and encourage contemporary visual expression, to improve and protect the freedom of visual expression, to organize exhibitions, and to participate in the making of the laws and rules regulating visual arts production and the social rights of the artists.

Address: TRG ZRTAVA FASIZMA 16, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Goethe-Institut Bucharest is the cultural institution of the Federal Republic of Germany that promotes German culture worldwide. We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and cultivate international cultural cooperation.

Address: Calea Dorobanți 32, 010573, Bucharest, Romania

Künstlerhaus is an independent, solidarity-based, interdisciplinary and internationally active association of artists. The Künstlerhaus Association promotes the production, exchange and mediation of contemporary art and develops relevant programs with its communities that reflect and advance artistic and social developments.

Address: Karlsplatz 5, 1010, Wien, Austria

Artists for Artists Residency Network (AFAR) is an EU co-funded project and residency program, aiming to improve the mobility of contemporary visual artists and curators in Romania, Germany, Croatia, and Austria. The project is led by the Romanian Association for Contemporary Art (ARAC) with its three consortium partners – Goethe Institute Network, Croatian Association of Fine Artists, and Künstlerhaus Vienna.

The AFAR Network project is co-funded by the European Union: ”Views and opionions expressed are however those of the autohor(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsable for them.”