Zoya Laktionova is a documentary filmmaker and contemporary artist. In her films, she aims to convey emotions through art metaphors intertwined with the dramatic language of cinema. This often makes it difficult to clearly allocate Zoya’s films, which is why they are shown both at film festivals and in art museums such as the Center Pompidou in Paris or the MUMOK in Vienna. In her artistic practice, she adopts micro-history, auto-ethnography and creative storytelling to unfold the complexity of greater events and historical contexts.

Memory Practices 

Zoya Laktionova – a conversation about how the artist navigates the complexities of history and identity, drawing attention to the nuanced intersections of personal and collective narratives.

16.03.2024/ 19:00
Popa Soare 26

”My art practice belongs to two disciplines—documentary filmmaking and contemporary art. Through my films, I aim to convey emotions using art metaphors intertwined with the cinematic drama language. This often makes it hard to find an unequivocal place for my films, which is why they are screened both at film festivals as well as at art museums and art galleries. In my practice, I adopt micro-history, auto-ethnography, and creative storytelling to unfold the complexities of greater events and historical context. In my short films, I build a human-to-human language that doesn’t use complex political terms and is clear to the majority of the living. Even though my stories often touch on the complexity of the influencing macro powers of existence, I believe that the micro-stories of the human experience, and especially for me now—the human experience of war—need to be told. For a human to feel the other human being behind the big abstract categories like politics, history, economics, or social theory.” – Zoya Laktionova

This talk is organized by ARAC and Goethe-Institut Bucharest in the framework of AFAR Network project.
Artists for Artists Residency Network (AFAR) is an EU co-funded project and residency program, aiming to improve the mobility of contemporary visual artists and curators in Romania, Germany, Croatia, and Austria. The project is led by the Romanian Association for Contemporary Art (ARAC) with its three consortium partners – Goethe Institute Network, Croatian Association of Fine Artists, and Künstlerhaus Vienna.

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