Sarah McNulty, (b. USA, based in Copenhagen) founded and curates the program Tørreloft, initiated in 2015, based on experimental forms of production, collaboration and experience for international artists. In opposition to the original clandestine drying attic, the current format at AGA Works takes place in an industrial garage, where the 4th wall is a shutter that opens to a busy street. In her own artistic practice, she primarily works with extended painting as a starting point, often installations with textiles and other materials with changing characteristics. Her work as an artist and curator explores the ecology of the existing environment, often initiating projects at neglected architectural sites in public space.

Deborah Hustić, creative consultant and technologist, senior project manager, curator, educator, media artist. Organized more than 600 workshops, conferences, exhibitions, festivals and events in cultural and tech innovation sectors. Deborah has taken part in numerous international and domestic exhibitions, festivals and conferences concerning DIY/DIWO, STEAM, new media and hacker/maker cultures, as well as on topics about development of art/tech/science education through workshops. Workshop facilitator for children, youth and grown-ups in the fields of creative electronics, design thinking, system innovation and eTextiles. Curated 36 international and domestic exhibitions in Croatia in the fields of new media and hybrid arts. Founder of Body Pixel Studio and Textil{e}tronics platform. Creative director, producer and PM of – Zagreb Makerspace (Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture). Deborah Hustić has experiences working in private sector (publishing industry), non-profit (innovation) and public bodies (international relations, EU affairs, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion). For more than a decade she has been exploring and working on sustainable models of management for media labs, hackerspaces and makerspaces. For 14 years involved in community building and managing eco systems at the intersections of creativity, education and innovation. Trained and certificated in project management, system innovation and design thinking. Educated on more than 300 workshops in the fields of media arts, innovation, project management, cultural policies (mobility, intercultural relations, EU projects), creative industries, social entrepreneurship and writing projects for EU funds. Holds MA in Comparative literature and Ethnology at the University of Zagreb


Shared space – How do we co-create and co-opt space?

Sarah McNulty in convesation with Deborah Hustić in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, as part of the course Introduction to the Theory of Art, by associate professor Josip Zanki, Ph.D.
27.02.2024/ 15:30
Ul. Rudolfa Kolaka 12

As part of the residency, Sarah McNulty, gets to know the Croatian art scene with the aim of international connections and inviting Croatian artists to Denmark, and the residency will include visits to studios and exhibitions. A talk betweenSarah McNulty (Tørreloft, Copenhagen) & Deborah Hustić (Radiona, Zagreb) will be about how and where we co-create, on the potential of artist-run spaces, non-formal learning and non-places. Together they will discuss establishing alternative artistic communities and structures, to maintain vital and active spaces for experimentation. They will present recent projects and collaborators, and consider in dialogue how and why we initiate improvisational collaboration and activate underutilised spaces. There will be an introduction to the founding and development of Tørreloft (Copenhagen), with a selection of artists from the program, focusing on site-intervention and textile work, often with a sense of physicality, temporality and monumental scale.

Artists for Artists Residency Network (AFAR) is an EU co-funded project and residency program, aiming to improve the mobility of contemporary visual artists and curators in Romania, Germany, Croatia, and Austria. The project is led by the Romanian Association for Contemporary Art (ARAC) with its three consortium partners – Goethe Institute Network, Croatian Association of Fine Artists, and Künstlerhaus Vienna.

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